Objavljeno: 13.01.2022.

University of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička”in Vukovar is very pleased to announce II. Edition of the Erasmus+ International staff Week

March 20-24, 2023

Taking place in a face-to-face format, in Vukovar.

II. VEVU ISW2023 Agenda you can download here.

Promo Video  you can look at link.

Presentations from workshops:

  1. ICM ECTS recognition” in English / presentation in Croatian by guest lecturer: Dunja Škalamera Alilović , PhD,Associate Professor
  2. Inclusion in higher education” only in Croatian  by guest lecturer: Ksenija Romstein, PhD, Assistant Professor

Go Abroad fair get experience, open mind for success at home presentations form partner HEIs:

NAU presentation – Ukraina

NAU department of business presentation

WUT Presentation – EN –


Geothe Universit Frankfurt


Info package link.

Registration closed.

Deadline for registration is March 1, 2023.

Our three academic departments (Administrative, Business and Health studies), will host teachers form our Erasmus+ partner HEIs and invited guest Lecturers form our international close cooperating institutions, as well as non-teaching staff from HEIs that wish to exchange their working practices trough Job- shadowing.

Our Erasmus+ International Teaching Week targets both academic members and experts from practice interested in knowing more about us, as well as exploring the challenges and opportunities of the Erasmus+ Programe and the process of internationalization in the field of higher education in Europe and worldwide.

The schedule of the week includes presentation(s) of VEVU and partner institutions, workshop(s) on special topics: internationalization of HEIs, teaching activities, job-shadowing session, networking events (welcome lunch, trip, coffee breaks … etc.).

Academics are welcome to propose lectures in a variety of subjects (please check the course catalogue list of available subjects in summer semester 2022/2023). The lectures are targeted at Bachelor degree students. The teaching language is either English or Croatian. We will analyse the content of each proposal and confirm if we can find a receiving host on our side. Please note that the Erasmus+ programme requires visiting lecturers from partner universities to give at least 4 hours of lectures or classes within the regular courses offered by the host university that is required within combination of this teaching and training staff week.

Engaging schedule of face-to-face activities will offer participants a wide variety of presentations, discussions and insights on innovative teaching models and expanding their minds. 5 days of great experience will be an ideal opportunity to discuss hot topics, exchange new insights or trade best practices about issues that form a challenge for 21st century academic internationalization. The participants will have chance to get to know our Slavonian culture and gastronomy as part of the social program and have some time for themselves with a short break from your everyday life.

Therefore, we would like to invite you all to share knowledge and good practices with us in Vukovar, the town a city with a diverse cultural history on the bank of the Danube River placed in the East of Croatia.

Working language: English. We highly recommend at least a B2 (according to CEFR) level in communication.

Group size: Maximum of 35 participants will be selected for the participation in the 2nd VEVU ISW. Priority will be given to first time participants.

Certificates: All participants who attend the program fully will be awarded Certificates of Attendance

Program of this week includes combination of teaching and training activities:

STA mobility in combination with the training for teaching staff:

  • Workshop for teachers

Where teachers will have chance to increase awareness and share their knowledge of innovative teaching approaches

  • 4 hours of holding the lectures to the students on the agreed topic by lecturer’s application

Student Lectures topic need to be related with one of winter semester course catalogue.

For making your plans, Course Catalogue you can find at this link.

If you wish to teach some other actual thematic in one of the studies fields, send your proposal at mail erasmus@vevu.hr until February 15, 2023.

STT mobility for non-teaching staff:

Job – shadowing with the relevant VEVU host regarding the field of interest:

  • International cooperation
  • Erasmus+ mobility projects KA1
  • Quality in Higher Education
  • Teaching processes, recognition of IMC (mobility credits)
  • Other topics

Funding: No – fee for participation.

The international participants will pay their travel expenses, accommodation and stay costs.

Check the possibility at your Erasmus coordinator, as your accommodation, travel and stay cost can be financed from Erasmus+ funds for staff mobility, which you can inquire about with the Erasmus coordinator at your home university.

Participation applications

Should you be interested in participating in our Erasmus International Week, every participant need to be nominated for mobility by its home (sending) HEI by February 28 , 2023

Teachers from HEI need to contact their home institution coordinators.

Experts from non-HEI organizations can also participate as invited guest lecturers based on invitation letter from VEVU as the host institution. Should you be interested in participating in our Erasmus International Week send us your proposal at erasmus@vevu.hr?

After nomination, each participant will get feedback on acceptance of nominations and the instructions for registration of their arrival.


How it was I. International Teaching week from 2021 can be seen here.

Looking forward to meeting you in Vukovar!