Objavljeno: 06.10.2021.

I. Erasmus+ Teaching Staff  Week 2021

It is our pleasure to welcome our international partners to attend the I. VEVU Erasmus+ International Teaching Staff Week in Vukovar, Croatia on 11-15, October 2021 that College of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar are organizing for the first time.

With this international activity we wish to complete our cooperation in the field of Erasmus+ mobility of staff and students within the programme period 2014 – 2021, and create opportunities for continued future cooperation. 

During this week, incoming teachers in addition to holding lectures for students, together with host lecturers will have an opportunity to benchmark teaching practices and share their skills and views on topics related to improving teaching methods and other relevant skills to their work. Moreover, the week will offer an opportunity to get to know the Slavonian hospitality and culture as well as enrich the social part of the work dimension.


I. day

II. day

III. day

IV. day

V. day

Incoming gest lecturer and teachers!


Materijali s radionice – inovativne metode podučavanja –  održane od strane dolazne predavačice Agnieszke Żur s partnerske ustanove Cracow University of Economics.

Materials from our guest lecturer Agnieszka Żur from Cracow University of Economics:

Presentation for teachers /Prezentacija za nastavnike

Designing blended learning

Designing assessment

Case study canvas