Objavljeno: 29.06.2022.

VEVU Teaching week – summer semester 2021/2022

10 lecturers form the partner HEIs from Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia stayed at VEVU in the period from May 23 to 27, 2022. to share their knowledge to the students at VEVU. This was great opportunity for VEVU students to get the international experiences at home as well as to exchange the good practice between host and guest lecturers.


Teaching week agenda.

Incoming lecturers:

Doc. dr Dalibor Krstinić, UPANS, Srbija

Docent na Pravnom fakultetu za privredu i pravosuđe u Novom Sadu.

Assoc. Prof. Eda GEMI, UNYT, Albania

Head of Department of Law, Chair of Research, Project and Innovation Center

Doc. Dr. Hasanspahić Senad, SUVI, BIH

Doc.dr. Bojana Link, UNVI, BIH

Doc. dr Erdin Hasanbegović, UNVI, BIH

Mr. Emilija Hrapović, UNVI, BIH

Doc.dr. Čekrlija Saša, SVEHERC, BIH

Doc. dr. Mirza Čaušević, SVEHERC, BIH