Published: 11.12.2023.

Students from the third year of the Business Department’s Commerce study program –Luka Čepčik, Vukašin Klajić, Mirna Liščić, and Patrik Maduna – participated in the IV PMC Regional Marketing Challenge organized by the Faculty of Project and Innovation Management in Belgrade. The students achieved great success, entering the finals and securing the FIRST PLACE out of 33 registered teams. The team was led by mentors Assist. Prof. dr. sc. Mirjana Nedović, prof of profess. stud., and dr. sc. Mira Majstorović, senior lecturer.

Their success represents not only a personal triumph but also an expression of exceptional abilities, effort, and dedication that our students invest in their education.

The competition brought together top teams from the region, including teams from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia. Participation in such a competition is not only an opportunity to compare abilities with students from other countries but also a chance to build lasting connections and exchange experiences.

Congratulations to our students and mentors on this outstanding achievement!

We are proud that they represented our University VEVU with their work and dedication. Their victory is proof of the quality of education we provide and their ability to apply acquired knowledge in real business situations.

We hope that this first-place win serves as inspiration for all our students to strive for excellence and proudly represent our University VEVU in future challenges.