Administrative Department

Administrative Study

Modern development of science and related disciplines, high technology, development of human rights and freedoms, globalization process, dynamic and radical changes imposed by globalization process and market economy marked by social conflicts necessarily require critical reception and redefining the existing model of public administration. The current social reality presupposes the development of public administration that will serve the citizens of both the individual and the global state union. This process of adaptation starts from the well-known view that practice is the best theory, goal and criterion of knowledge. The development of public administration has always depended on the social and political context in which it exists. Therefore, the education of staff at higher education institutions as a component of the lifelong learning process is a fundamental prerequisite for modern and efficient public administration.

Croatian public administration needs educated staff who will master the basic theoretical knowledge and skills of modern public administration, but also highly educated experts in the field of management and leadership, in bodies and organizations of state administration, local self-government and economy. Effective public administration is becoming one of the possible solutions to overcome the economic, social and political crisis. Modern public administration embodies the principle of subsidiarity, complements national practices and the diversity of public administration in Europe.

Specific objectives:

– to adopt and develop basic theoretical knowledge and basics of conceptual-categorical system of administrative law as special scientific and professional activities,

– adopt and develop specific knowledge, skills and attitudes for the application of theoretical knowledge needed to provide high quality service,

– develop knowledge, skills and attitudes for the possibility of a good assessment of the needs of public administration, in the direction of developing services for citizens, and in the direction of increasing the efficiency of the public sector, including rational management of public administration costs,

– develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for adjustments within the community in order to increase the transparency and accountability of public functions and public administration as a whole,

– develop the skill of critical analysis, identifying problems and finding possible ways to solve them, and developing initiative and focus on results,

– explore new ideas regarding the development and functioning of public administration