Dean’s foreword

Dear colleagues, dear current and future students,

Željko Sudarić

we are proud and happy that you have chosen one of our professional undergradute studies or our professional graduate study and that you have chosen the city of Vukovar for your student life. Choosing studies is one of the most important decisions in your life that you have encountered so far and we are extremely honoured and bound by the fact that you have chosen our University of Applied Sciences for your education in the coming years. We are confident that you have done the right thing and we are sure we will justify your trust.

By enrolling in the study program, you have shown readiness and motivation to learn, which you will really need in your student life. Study with love for the University and your future profession, and with full responsibility for yourself, your families and all those who in any way supported your enrolment and start of studying.

Our job, of all employees of the University, is very demanding, because we are obliged to train you for the future. Our teachers and professional services are extremely professional and will give you all the necessary knowledge and advice during your studies.

Our studies are organized in accordance with the Bologna process and the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Upon completion of the professional study program, students acquire higher education and the title of bachelor (bacc. oec. and bacc. admin. publ.) or master of physiotherapy (mag. physioth.), in accordance with the study programs and the Law on Higher Education and Scientific Activity. It is important to point out that upon completion of one of our studies, your title and level of education will be the same as those acquired at other higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia and Europe.

Our University of Applied Sciences is continuously developing and growing, all with the joint synergy and support of our founder, the Ministry of Science and Education, the City of Vukovar and Vukovar-Srijem County, and our many partners who help us implement professional practice for our students. It is this common synergy that gives us the guarantee and security that we will ensure the quality of our studies and a high student standard in the future.

In addition to expertise and education, the University is open to all your social and sports activities. We firmly believe in your creative contribution to the joint work and success of the University, we wish you much success in academic life, and that in addition to diploma, expertise and knowledge, you bring a lot of beautiful memories from Vukovar’s University.

Welcome to our University, welcome to the city of Vukovar!


Assistant Professor Željko Sudarić, PhD, Professor of Professional Study