Student Business Incubator

The Student Business Incubator – VUPI was formed in 2013 with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship among young people. The project was realized with  financial support of the Ministry of Entreprenurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia through activity D1.2. Academic Entrepreneurship – Knowledge for the Economy, Entrepreneurial Impulse Program for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship and Crafts for 2013. Thanks to the support of the Ministry in the scope of the Student Business Incubator, all infrastructure and necessary accommodations needed for entrepreneurial activities of students were achieved.The primary  goal of the Student Business Incubator – VUPI is to give young people, through high-quality educational activities, the knowledge and skills they need to  recognize opportunities, plan their ventures, and start their own companies. Those skills also include a sense of initiative, creativity, individuality, and team work.

The base goal of the Student Business Incubator is to provide all necessary requirements, as well as professional help and advice, to all current and former  students needed to develop their own business ideas and realize them. The Incubator will help students in achieving specific goals through providing the  necessary infrastructure, mentorship, generation and formation of business ideas, creation of business plans, market research, and networking with other  entrepreneurs, institutions, and potential investors. The Student Business Incubator is intended for all current students from all study programs, as well as those  who have finished their studies but want to develop their business ideas in the scope of the Incubator.

THE MISSION of the Student Business Incubator is to provide students with knowledge and skills needed to start and successfully run a small  company through entrepreneurial programs, workshops, business simulations and lectures.

THE VISION of the Incubator is the creation of young entrepreneurial generations capable of facing new challenges and changes in the business environment.