Belaj Ivan, mag. iur., v. pred.

  • Cabinet: 123
  • Consultations: Mondays from 09.30 to 10.30 (part-time students by appointment)

dr. sc. Borzan Željka, prof. struč. stud.

Brumnić Vesna, mag. physioth., v. pred.

  • Cabinet: 215
  • Consultations: Tuesdays from 3 pm to 4 pm according to the obligatory prior announcement. After each lecture / by appointment. Email daily

doc. dr. sc. Bujišić Gordana, prof. struč. stud

  • Cabinet: 203
  • Consultations: After each lecture / by appointment

dr. sc. Davidović Cvetko Erna, prof. struč. stud.

  • Cabinet: 324
  • Consultations: Fridays 9-10 am, or by appointment by e-mail

Dodlek Ivan, univ. mag. physioth., pred

Dodlek Tea, univ. mag. physioth., pred.

Filipović Zvonimir, univ. mag. oec., pred.

doc. dr. sc. Gongeta Sanja, prof. struč. stud.

mr. sc. Ivanković Darija, v. pred.

Ižaković Iva, mag. iur., pred.

dr. sc. Janković Slavica, prof. struč. stud.

Jelica Stjepan, mag. physioth., v. pred.

  • Cabinet: 215
  • Consultations: Wednesday 14-15h. Email daily. After lectures or exercises.

Kunac Ivan, mag. educ. phys. et. inf., pred.

  • Cabinet: 308
  • Consultations: ponedjeljkom od 12 do 13 ili prema dogovoru sa studentima

Kunac Marko, mag. cin., pred.

  • Cabinet: 214
  • Consultations: Every Monday from 09:00 to 10:00 and by appointment.

dr. sc. Majstorović Mira, pred.

dr. sc. Marušić Borislav, prof. struč. stud.

doc. dr. sc. Mrvica Mađarac Sandra, prof. struč. stud.

  • Cabinet: 315
  • Consultations: Wednesday 12-13h and by appointment by e-mail

doc. dr. sc. Nedović Mirjana, prof. struč. stud.

dr. sc. Nešić Nebojša, prof. struč. stud.

  • Cabinet: 208
  • Consultations: Full-time students - Monday from 10-11h. Part-time students - Monday 18-19, office P17.

Pejić Dražen, mag. cin., v. pred.

  • Cabinet: 107
  • Consultations: Every Monday and Friday from 10 am

dr. sc. Romić Danijela, v. pred.

  • Cabinet: 122
  • Consultations: Wednesday from 10.00 to 11.00 by mandatory prior notice and by appointment (email)

Šeper Vesna, Ph. D in Physical Education and Sport, prof. struč. stud.

  • Cabinet: 235
  • Consultations: Monday 10.00 - 11.00, by e-mail by appointment

doc. dr. sc. Stojanović Slobodan, prof. struč. stud. u trajnom izboru

  • Cabinet: 125
  • Consultations: Wednesday 12: 00-13: 00, after the lecture or by appointment

doc. dr. sc. Sudarić Željko, prof. struč. stud.

Vajda Halak Željka, mag. iur., v. pred.

  • Cabinet: 320
  • Consultations: Tuesdays from 1 pm to 2 pm by prior appointment or by appointment