Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the study program, students will be able:

LO1 To differentiate between, describe, compare, and apply provisions of different branches of the law.

LO2 To differentiate between legal sources and apply them accordingly.

LO3 To explain and interpret relevant legal terminology.

LO4 To critically deliberate the significance of theory of law and state.

LO5 To critically deliberate interpretations of the law, legal argumentation, and legal norms.

LO6 To interpret appropriate legal provisions of material and procedural law and apply the appropriate law to specific practical cases.

LO7 To isolate disputable legal issues and propose possible solutions.

LO8 To analyze, categorize, and critically deliberate the functioning and structure of public administration.

LO9 To write motions for administrative and legal proceedings and drafts of administrative acts.

LO10 To identify and analyze the connectivity between national land European law, as well as national and international law in general.

LO11 To write and form a legal document and differentiate it from a document written in plain language.

LO12 To differentiate between and explain fundamental economic institutes.

LO13 To use appropriate legal terminology in foreign languages.

LO14 To use appropriate information technologies and statistical methods.

LO15 To demonstrate and apply knowledge acquired from theoretical classes in practice.

LO16 To work and communicate in a team while abiding ethical norms and socially responsible conduct.