Department of Health Studies

Physiotherapy Study

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine in which theoretical knowledge about the normal functions of individual organ systems, especially the locomotor system, and the skills needed to prevent disorders, cure diseases and raise the quality of life of individuals of all ages are intertwined.

Accordingly, the process of training these health professionals is extremely complex and includes a good knowledge of basic medical sciences such as anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics, and almost all clinical branches of medicine. In addition, a modern physiotherapist must have a good knowledge of human psychology and communication skills in order to provide the best service to his patient and thus the possibility of raising the quality of life of the patient.

In order to raise the quality of studies, the University has opened a Trauma Center where students acquire additional knowledge and skills during their studies, especially in the work on the prevention of disorders and diseases, through various programs implemented at the Center.

In addition, the University is the only one in the Republic of Croatia to have a Therapeutic Riding course, which is necessary in working with children with special needs but also with other groups of patients.

Competences that students acquire after graduation

The study program of physiotherapy studies is designed with the aim of acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills necessary for a physiotherapist both for the prevention of disease and for rehabilitation after illness, disorder or injury. Therefore, special emphasis is placed on the ratio of theoretical classes and practical exercises in a real environment, that is, in working with patients. During their studies, students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to: assess the user’s condition and the need for psychotherapeutic treatment; implementation of kinesiometric and other measurements; planning and development of physiotherapy procedures; evaluation of treatment results; participation in the education of physiotherapists and participation in research.

Jobs that a student can perform after graduation

Bachelors of physiotherapy can work in health and long-term rehabilitation institutions, in sports clubs and recreation centers, and in health tourism.

Length of study

The study lasts 6 semesters and ends with the defense of a thesis. The student must earn at least 180 ECTS credits during the study.

Professional title

After completing the study, the student acquires the title of Bachelor of Physiotherapy – bacc. physioth.