The Chair of Common Subjects

The Chair of Common Subjects is an independent organizational unit at the University. It consists of teachers who teach at all four studies of the University in the field of foreign languages, computer science group of subjects and kinesiology.

Members of the Chair:

President of the Chair: dr. sc. Borislav Marušić, college professor

Dorotea Milas, mag. phil. et mag. rel., lecturer

Marko Kunac, mag. cin., lecturer

Branimir Kurmaić, mag. educ. phil.; mag. philol. angl., lecturer

In addition to regular teaching obligations and work with students, members of the Chair are regularly professionally trained, they publish professional and scientific papers and teaching materials. In addition to the above activities, members of the department participate in organizing guest lectures at the University, internationalization of the University, popularization of foreign language learning, development of IT skills of students and staff of the University and popularization and development of sports at the University.