About Administrative study

The Administrative department performs the Administrative studies undergraduate course with the goal of educating young people from eastern Croatia and attracting students from other areas to Vukovar with the goal of it becoming the educational center of the County and this part of Croatia. Besides that, through the organization of a studying program for part-time students, numerous local officials in state and local government are able to improve their knowledge and competence which in the end results with a higher quality of life in our area and Croatia in general. The goal of the Administrative studies program is to provide to students an appropriate level of knowledge and skills that will enable them to successfully perform in related occupations. By finishing the program, students attain the title of Bachelor (baccalaureus/ baccalaurea) of Public Administration (bacc. admin. publ.) and are qualified to start their carriers and independently perform legal and administrative work in state, local and regional government offices, as well as other public bodies or private businesses.