About Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy undergraduate program performed at College is one of the most attractive programs of its kind in the Republic of Croatia, which is confirmed by the fact that our students are qualified for independent work after finishing the program and find work with ease. Professors of both programs are experts of the highest caliber from different clinical fields and the practical part is performed in health institutions and our own excellently equipped Centre for sports  diagnostic and recreation which was founded in 2005. Structure of the undergraduate Physiotherapy program is based on a narrow expert field of physiotherapy and clinical content with an obligatory inclusion of basic medicine and other health related subjects. Undergraduate level education enables students to learn  knowledge and skills needed to assess conditions, set goals, and finally plan and implement physiotherapy with accordance to age, needs and particular problems  of the person. After finishing the program, a student attains the title of Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Physiotherapy (bacc. physioth.) and is qualified for a successful start of a carrier or continuation of studies in the specialist degree program Preventive Physiotherapy.