Business Department

Commerce Study

Commerce is one of the most important employers in the Republic of Croatia with more than 40,000 business entities (companies and craftsmen) with about 200,000 employees. In the newly emerging economic circumstances, trade and logistics companies are taking on an increasingly important role in overall development. At the same time, they are exposed to fierce competition from European and world-famous and powerful companies. Therefore, the need for the existence of a professional study to educate trade economists is justified.

The main goal of the study program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to manage and implement all processes of commodity business in the domestic and foreign markets and other analytical and management activities in trade and logistics businesses. The professional study of Commerce lasts six semesters (three years), includes teaching content in the amount of 180 ECTS credits, and upon its completion the title of professional bachelor of economics (bacc.oec.) is acquired.

By attending the study program, students acquire basic economic and specialist theoretical and practical knowledge related to the field of trade. In this way, they are trained for independent and team work in trade entities in the department of trade, i.e. jobs such as purchasing and sales officers in trade and production companies, heads of retail business units, heads of departments in department stores and other forms of large stores, leaders and organizers of marketing actions, heads of representative offices and branches, etc