Published: 27.03.2024.

On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at the Opus Arena premises in Osijek, organized by the University of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar and Football Club Osijek, a workshop on manual therapy according to the Kaltenborn/Evjenth approach was held.

The workshop was led by Nikola Ivković, bacc. physioth. (physiotherapist of FC Osijek), Siniša Poznić, mag. physioth., instructor in the Kaltenborn/Evjenth therapy, and international instructor in manual therapy according to the Kaltenborn/Evjenth approach, Matthias Burkert.

Matthias Burkert has been an instructor in manual therapy according to the KE-Concept since 1999 in South Korea, Greece, Poland, Russia, Germany, Croatia, and elsewhere.

Instructor Burkert shared his valuable experience in working with patients with the students of the University VEVU, demonstrating to them through patient examples what the approach of a physiotherapist to a patient should be like through physiotherapeutic assessment, how to develop a therapy plan, and what effect manual therapy can have in just one treatment session for patients with cervical pain syndrome, lumbar pain syndrome, and knee injuries.

The workshop lasted for four hours, during which the students gained new knowledge and approaches in treatment and realized the importance of an individual approach to the patient from physiotherapeutic assessment to physiotherapeutic treatment.

The Croatian Chamber of Physiotherapists accredited the education with 10 points for active participants and 6 points for passive participants of the workshop.