Published: 31.10.2023.

Milan Peterka, Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship in Osijek, conducted a workshop at the University VEVU on the topic of entrepreneurial education titled “Proactive and Entrepreneurial – Entrepreneurship Game”. The workshop was held as part of the AktivN(G)O project. The aim of the workshop was to introduce students to the world of entrepreneurship through a simulation of an entrepreneurial venture known as the “Entrepreneurship Game”. During this game, second and third-year students of the Commerce Study Program had the opportunity to learn more about the basics of the business cycle, decision-making processes, risk management, and budgeting.

The Entrepreneurship Game conducted was a simulation of an entrepreneurial venture and followed the methodology of the International Labour Organization. It is part of the “Start Your Own Business” seminar offered by the International Labour Organization, which is conducted in over 50 countries and has been recognized as one of the best seminars for novice entrepreneurs.

The “Start Your Own Business” Entrepreneurship Game is a simulation that provides participants with insights into the practical management of a small business. The game allows participants to make various decisions and take responsibility for those decisions, similar to what entrepreneurs do in small businesses. The game also simulates a real entrepreneurial environment.