Published: 12.11.2023.

The Center for Lifelong Learning initiated the implementation of the non-formal learning program called Functional Training “Step by Step” on November 6, 2023. The first group of participants was welcomed by the Vice-Dean for Professional and Scientific Research and International Cooperation, Assist. Professor Sanja Gongeta, prof. of profess. stud., Vice-Dean for Business Operations and Cooperation with Businesses, Assist. Professor Slobodan Stojanović, prof. of profess. stud., and the Head of the Center for Lifelong Learning, Vesna Šeper, Ph.D. in Physical Education and Sport, senior lecturer. It was emphasized that the Center for Lifelong Learning aims to provide additional knowledge and skills to interested students and other individuals outside the University, enabling them to enhance their competencies and position in the job market through its programs.

The objective of the non-formal learning program Functional Training “Step by Step”, is to facilitate participants in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to create specific functional training. Through lectures and workshops, participants will practically learn to design training with a specific purpose for various sports activities, recognize and rectify exercise errors, and adjust exercises and the intensity according to the users’ capabilities. Throughout 26 instructional hours, participants will learn to create bodyweight strength training, strength training using equipment like bands, Pilates balls, kettlebells, and prepare strength training tailored to specific muscle groups and body parts. Head of the program, Nebojša Nešić, Ph.D., prof. of profess. stud., highlighted that particular attention during the program execution is focused on the accurate execution and demonstration of exercises, as well as correcting errors, providing further assistance to physiotherapists in their practice. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive certificates of participation.

We extend our gratitude to the first group of participants for their selection and trust, and wish everyone involved in the program’s execution success in their work!