Published: 18.04.2023.

Second-year students of the professional graduate Study “Preventive Physiotherapy”, together with teachers Slavica Janković and Tea Dodlek and Erasmus+ student Jasmin Stenfors, visited Thalassotherapy in Opatija on April 14th and 15th, 2023. Thalassotherapy is a reference institution of a scientific and health tourism center of excellence, as well as a special hospital for the medical rehabilitation of heart, lung and rheumatism diseases, which applies modern medical technology in daily work.

This hospital is also the first in Croatia equipped with the antigravity treadmill of NASA’s differential air pressure technology, which enables better, more efficient, and faster rehabilitation of orthopedic, neurological patients, and professional athletes. The students had the opportunity to experience a new level of rehabilitation using TecnoBody’s digital mirror “D-wall”, which, along with a 3D camera and floor platform, allows for performing every movement with maximum control and real-time analysis according to precise parameters.

The tour continued in the Thalasso Wellness Center, where students could see the use of seawater and sea ingredients in a semi-Olympic pool with heated seawater, counter-current swimming, air and underwater massages, and a jacuzzi. The wellness center also includes a Spa Relax Zone with four types of saunas, relaxation rooms for rest, massage rooms, and salons for facial and body treatments, etc.

This two-day professional study visit allowed students to enrich their experience through professional practice and expand their horizons and knowledge in the physiotherapy profession.