Published: 03.06.2024.

Students of the second year of the graduate study “Preventive Physiotherapy” accompanied by the head of the Health Department, dr. sc. Slavica Janković, prof. of profess. study, were last week on a study trip to Rijeka and Opatija.

Upon arrival in Rijeka, they visited the hospice “Marija Krucifiksa Kozulic”, where they handed over to the director of the institution a donation for its users (new bed linen, blankets, sheets and towels). A lecture was given to students on work in the hospice, the role of nurses, doctors and physiotherapists.

As part of their study tour, they visited Thalassotherapia in Opatija. Thalassotherapia Opatija is a reference institution of the scientific and health-tourism centre of excellence that provides its patients with a complete product and unique experience in the Mediterranean environment. Students in this institution could see the importance of team collaboration among employees, the application of robotics, wellness, exercise in the gym under the supervision of a kinesiologist and physiotherapist adapted to the patient’s condition, the possibility of using health prevention packages for a healthy population.

Enriched with new insights, expertise and knowledge, we especially thank the hospice director and the director of Thalassotherapie Opatija Prof. dr. sc. Victor Persic, MD.