Published: 18.04.2024.

From April 8th to 12th, 2024, second-year students of the undergraduate Physiotherapy program at the University of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar, Ana Vereb, Dunja Klarić, Leona Ahmeti, and third-year student Ana-Maria Zajec participated in an outgoing Erasmus+ mobility in Bordeaux. This mobility provided an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills and interact with colleagues from France, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal.

The main theme of the mobility was clinical reasoning in physiotherapy. Second-year students had the opportunity to collaborate in teams and apply theoretical knowledge in developing clinical cases in the field of physiotherapy. Through work on the PETRHA+ platform, students deepened their understanding of assessment, diagnosis, and goal setting in rehabilitation.

In addition to working on the PETRHA+ platform, students were tasked with presenting the case they worked on in their team in detail before a committee. There were a total of 14 groups, and student Dunja Klarić stood out with her group, winning first place. Third-year student Ana-Maria Zajec had the opportunity this year to mentor younger colleagues and be a member of the evaluation committee.

The students highlighted how interesting it was to see different approaches to clinical reasoning. The students’ impressions are extremely positive. The mobility in Bordeaux enriched their academic experience and provided skills they will be able to apply in their future careers as physiotherapists.