Published: 23.11.2022.

Last week, our teachers Ph.D. Sanja Gongeta, college professor, vice dean for professional and scientific research work and international cooperation, Ph.D. Borislav Marušić, college professor, president of the Department of Common Subjects and mag. rank. Marko Kunac, pres. participated in the 1st international ERASMUS+ week for staff at the University of Novi Mesto.

The University of Novi Mesto, which includes the Faculty of Economics and Informatics, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, has been our ERASMUS partner since 2019, when on the initiative of the Department of Common Subjects, cooperation with the Faculty of Economics was established and informatics.

The contribution of our delegation at the meeting included participation in activities during the week, as well as an agreement on future cooperation, which would include a new way of student exchange (so-called blended intensive mobilities), more intensive mutual participation at conferences and possible participation of students and teachers of the COllege in the Summer Program school of the University in Novi Mesto, which will be held for the first time in July next year.

Our teachers also gave lectures to students at three faculties of the University: assoc. Ph.D. Sanja Gongeta, college professor gave a lecture entitled “Regulatory competition and company law reforms”, Ph.D. Borislav Marušić, prof. expert stud. gave a lecture entitled “Business quotes as a source of practical knowledge for Business English students”, and mag. rank. Marko Kunac, gave a lecture entitled “Does physical exercise improve health status?”