Published: 26.04.2023.

On April 24th 2023, the College of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar and the Croatian Employment Service signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed by the Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Željko Sudarić, college professor, and the Director of the Croatian Employment Service, Ante Lončar, dipl. iur. Both institutions committed to cooperate, especially in the field of scientific research projects that deal with the labor market, employment, unemployment, wages, human potential, lifelong education, active employment policy measures, student internships at the College, and implementation of European Union funded projects. The agreement will contribute significantly to strengthening the scientific research capacity in the field of the labor market, both within the academic community and the Employment Service. We are especially pleased that with this agreement, the College will have the opportunity to participate in improving the conditions of the labor market with the aim of implementing active employment policy measures, and that our students will have another professional and quality place to learn how to present themselves to employers in the best light while performing their internships.