Published: 04.09.2023.

Dear students,

our long-standing partner, the Victim and witness support service, has announced a call for volunteer applications.

Each of us can become a victim or witness of a criminal offense and become involved in complex police and court proceedings that are not easy to navigate and can be extremely stressful. Therefore, the emotional support provided by volunteers is of great assistance to all participants in this process.

Students from any study program can participate in volunteering because the emphasis in volunteering is on the voluntary investment of time in some form of socially beneficial activity. All that is needed is your willingness to spend some of your free time helping individuals in specific life situations that we can all find ourselves in.

The Victim and witness support service is an authorized provider of free legal assistance, and this part of volunteer activities is especially useful for students of Administrative Studies, as they gain concrete knowledge about the workings of various administrative bodies. Many of our students have already recognized these advantages and have been or are still volunteers in the service.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the phone numbers or email address of the Victim and witness support service (see the poster) or Danijela Romić, PhD., senior lecturer.

Be brave, be human – volunteer!

Call for Volunteer 2023