Published: 08.07.2022.

The Lifelong Learning Center of the “Lavoslav Ružička” College in Vukovar is also participating in this year’s 16th Lifelong Learning Week with an interesting and educational workshop “Be creative – eco product design.”

The workshop is primarily intended for owners of small family farms, but also for all those who want to market products, make them visible and recognizable, or learn something about eco-design.

Workshop leaders, Ph.D. Mirjana Nedović, prof. Bachelor of Arts, and Ph.D. Mira Majstorović, pres. point out that the goal of the workshop is to understand the importance of product design on the market, as a communication element with consumers, and thus achieve greater visibility of the product offered.

This year’s workshop was chosen based on a public call for the engagement of adult education institutions for the purpose of promoting lifelong learning at the regional level within the framework of the ESF project of the Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education.

In addition to the interesting topic, the fact that there is no fee for joining the mentioned workshop, which will be held on September 28 and 29, 2022, certainly adds value. starting at 09:00 on the premises of the “Lavoslav Ružička” College in Vukovar.

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ASOO – 16 week-leaflet

ASOO – 16 week-poster