Published: 06.02.2024.

The UniSportHR Futsal League kicked off in Zagreb with the first three rounds held from January 29th to 31st, 2024. The University of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar suffered a defeat against the University of Zadar with a score of 8:2, despite goals from Andro Matko and Dominik Jelinić. The defeat was due to the absence of several regular players and the physical exhaustion of the team itself.

In the best match of the tournament, the University VEVU lost to the University of Osijek with a score of 2:0. The first goal was conceded in the last second of the first half, and the second came from a counterattack at the end. Despite numerous opportunities, lack of concentration and excellent performance by the opposing goalkeeper resulted in defeat.

The last match ended in a defeat against the University of Zagreb with a score of 8:0, where the second half was marked by seven goals conceded after the substitute players entered the field.

A significant achievement for the Vukovar team is the mere placement in the league, as it has only one futsal player and no local club. Congratulations to all students for their fighting spirit, with the wish for better results in the upcoming tournaments in Osijek and Makarska.

The VEVU team consists of: Dominik Jelinić, Nikola Gazić, Šimun Škarica, Petar Jina, Petar Srbiš, Nikola Pavetić, Josip Petak, Luka Saboc, Fran Japundžić, Mihael Horvat, Josip Anić, Andro Matak, Slavko Cindrić, Despot Matijević, under the guidance of Dražen Pejić, mag. cin., senior lecturer.