Published: 23.05.2023.

On May 16, 2023, our University was visited by the winners of the silver medal from FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 and the bronze medal from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, assoc. prof. PhD Luka Milanović and prof. Nenad Krošnjar. Prof. Milanović, as the head conditioning trainer, and prof. Krošnjar, as the head physiotherapist, have been working with our National Football Team for many years, so they shared their expertise and practical knowledge with our students of Physiotherapy and Preventive Physiotherapy, as well as with other guests and faculty members of our University. Speaking to a full auditorium, they discussed their “Road to Success” and emphasized the importance of conditioning preparation for our National Team, highlighting the significant role of physiotherapists in its implementation. The lecture was moderated by our professor Marko Kunac, mag. cin., who facilitated numerous questions allowing our students to gain insight into the professional work of physiotherapists and further understand the importance of their profession in improving the well-being of citizens and preserving the health of our most successful athletes.