Published: 03.05.2023.

“Ima jedan grad svakom srcu drag, ima jedan div Hrvatski” (English translation: “There is a city that is dear to every heart, there is one Croatian wonder.”)

The Day of the City of Vukovar is the day when Vukovar was granted the status of a free royal city and is celebrated on May 3rd (Article 5 of the Statute of the City of Vukovar). By adopting the Statute of the City of Vukovar, city leaders decided that May 3rd would be celebrated as the Day of the City of Vukovar, because it is the feast day of Saints Philip (Filip) and James (Jakov) in the church calendar. The cathedral in Vukovar is actually named after these two saints, who have been the protectors of the city since 1723, when the construction of the Church of St. Philip and James began.

On behalf of all students and employees of the College, we congratulate the citizens of Vukovar on the Day of the City.