Published: 04.11.2022.

On Friday, October 28, 2022, the College hosted the 6th meeting with scientists, excellent young people and their mentors as part of the event “Science for young people in Vukovar”, which was held this year under the name “Science of the new generation”. In his welcoming speech, along with words of welcome to all the participants and organizers of this meeting, the dean of the College, doc. Ph.D. Željko Sudarić, college professor pointed out that our College is moving in the direction of excellence and that our city is getting closer to becoming a student city of the future. In addition to his role as the host, Dean Sudarić participated in the forum on science in the future with the director of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, David Matthew Smith, doctoral student from the Ruđer Bošković Institute, Ivana Ponjavić, and associate professor, Ph.D. Tena Velka, Master of Culture and journalist Tomislav Levak. In addition to this interesting forum, two lectures on “Psychology as a science and a profession” and “(Co)existence with lies” were held at the College, and three scholarships worth HRK 9,000.00 were awarded to successful male and female students. Donations for scholarships, as every year, were collected by the association “Samo pozitivno”, while the entire project was carried out by Lotusmedija d.o.o., which has 17 years of existence behind it and today deals with the organization of educational workshops for business and personal growth and development, and numerous partners. As the project “Science for young people in Vukovar” becomes part of the tradition at the very end of this year’s event, the date of the 7th event in 2023 was announced (September 28, 2023) to the great satisfaction of the hosts of this year’s meeting, all sponsors and organizers of this event.