Published: 09.01.2024.

The Ministry of Science and Education (MZO) has announced that the minimum student hourly wage in 2024 will be 5.25 euros net. This is the first time that the minimum hourly wage will exceed five euros, which is certainly good news for students. Thus, the minimum student hourly wage for the upcoming year 2024 will increase by 0.87 cents from the previous minimum hourly wage of 4.38 euros.

Along with the increase in the minimum student hourly wage, there will be an increase in the tax limits for students in 2024. The limit, which is important for those still under parental tax relief, increases from 3,185.38 euros to 3,360 euros annually. For those who are no longer under parental tax relief, the good news is that they will be able to earn more without paying taxes in 2024. Starting this year, students can earn a total of 10,080 euros tax-free.

Decision on the amount of the minimum compensation for student work for the year 2024