Published: 12.01.2023.

By signing of Agreement on Cooperation on January 11, 2023, at Otočki virovi, between the dean of the College, Assistant prof. Ph.D. Željko Sudarić, college prof., and the mayor of the city of Otok, Josip Šarić, the cooperation between the College and another local self-government unit began.

The agreement was signed in order to further strengthen the integration of the theoretical and applied knowledge for students through mutual cooperation and to enable the implementation of professional practice of college students.

On the same day, the dean Assistant prof. Ph.D. Željko Sudarić, college prof., also signed a cooperation agreement with Krešimir Jurić, acting director of the Virovi Biological Educational Center.

The signed agreement created prerequisites for cooperation on joint projects financed by the European Union, organizing workshops and educational programs, implementing activities aimed at using the personnel potential of the participants in order to provide expert opinions, and providing support for the scientific and professional development of employees of these institutions.