Published: 23.02.2022.

The agreement on cooperation, signed on February 18, 2022 between the dean of the College doc. dr. sc. Željko Sudarić, college professor, and the director of the State School of Public Administration Rudolf Vujević begins cooperation in organizing this year’s conference “Development of Public Administration”.

In addition to the joint organization of the conference, the College and the State School of Public Administration signed a Cooperation Agreement through which they plan to cooperate with each other in the implementation of programs, projects and other forms of cooperation. They will especially cooperate in the field of organization of conferences, workshops and educational programs, use of human resources of participants in order to give expert opinions, and implementation of professional practice of students of the College. According to the signed Agreement on Cooperation, these two institutions will jointly perform and cooperate on projects financed by the EU, but also other domestic and / or international institutions and organizations.