Published: 15.09.2022.

On the occasion of the Day of our College and its 17th birthday, the 82nd formal session of the Professional Council was held. On that occasion, as in previous years, the College awarded the best male and female students in the academic year 2021/2022. year, the best male and female sportsman, the best student team in the academic year 2021/2022. year – the women’s handball team of the College and employees from the ranks of the non-teaching staff. Media representatives and long-term partners were awarded certificates of appreciation because they are responsible for the positive image of our College, both locally and throughout Croatia. Polytechnic plaques with the image of Lavoslav Ružička were awarded this year to Ph.D. Ivan Malenica, MD. Haris Pavletić, Božidar Horvat, B.Sc. iur., v. pred. and Stjepan Draganić, expert. spec. ing. sec. for a special contribution to the development and work of the College and its further successful development.

Along with all the good wishes and congratulations from our partners and friends of the College, we will also wish our College to continue developing, progressing and building for the benefit of all students, teachers and employees. You can download photos from the College Day here.