Center for Sports Diagnostics and Recreation

College of Applied Sciences „Lavoslav Ružička“ in Vukovar was founded in 2005 with the aim of educating the necessary professional staff and retaining young people in the city of Vukovar and Vukovar-Srijem County and achieving faster economic development.

As part of the undergraduate professional study “Physiotherapy”, in 2008 a specific conceptual project of the Center for Trauma and Fitness was launched, which with its contents and capacities met the requirements of both the teaching process and the wider community. Focused on prevention programs, the Center has also become a meeting place where citizens could use various specific programs to improve the quality of life in purpose-built spaces.

The Center provides students with excellent conditions for learning and acquiring professional-theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as developing communication skills needed in working with future patients / clients. The interaction of students and users in the field of providing the Center’s services achieves synergistic effects in terms of the application of acquired professional and theoretical knowledge and their transformation into practical knowledge.

With the amendments to the Statute of the College from 2016, the Trauma Center changed its name and became the Center for Sports Diagnostics and Recreation.