Published: 24.05.2022.

On the occasion of Europe Day, our College and 2nd year students of Commerce in the Student Dormitory “Leopold” in Vukovar hosted the Director of the Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation, Stella Arneri, on May 20, 2022. On that occasion, the dean of the College doc. dr. sc. Željko Sudarić, Ph.D. v. š. and vice dean for business and cooperation with the economy dr. sc. Slobodan Stojanovic, prof. v. š. presented all European projects in which our College participated, whether they were realized or those that are still active. They especially pointed out the projects that will further improve the already excellent standard and quality of student life in Vukovar, such as the coming construction of a kitchen for our students within the Student Dormitory and the renovation of the Workers’ Home in Borovo where our College will soon move to, thereby making room for new study directions as well as the expansion of existing ones. Director of the Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation, Stella Arneri did not hide her satisfaction with the seen and presented projects and offered our Management the assistance of the Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation for all future projects and cooperation. For the 2nd year students of Commerce, the Director presented herself through her business journey and success, important and large projects she worked on, and students through interesting questions and conversation with the distinguished guest about the implementation of development projects in the EU find out everything about European projects and the opportunities they offer young people.