Guidelines for writing papers

Papers should be written on a PC in MS Word (format .doc).

Format: Din-A-4 paper

Paper size: up to 12 pages

Margins: 25 mm for each side (top/bottom, left/right)

Line spacing: 1,5 for the text, single spaced for notes

Alignment: fully justified

Type font: Times New Roman

Font size: 12


Paper structure: a paper should contain the title page with the title, authors, abstract and key words in Croatian and English, introduction, body of the paper, conclusion, and literature list.


Page numbers: not necessary


Title page: the title page contains the title of the paper in Croatian and English, information about author(s), abstract in Croatian and English (up to 200 words), and three to five key words (in Italic) in Croatian and English.


Paper sectioning: all sections within the paper should be numbered by Arabic numerals so that the main sections are marked by only one number and sub-sections should be numbered in a way that the number of the main section is separated by a fullstop from the joined number of the sub-section (e.g. 1.1.).


References in the text: citations are indicated in the text not in the notes. They are put in brackets and contain Author’s surname and year of publication, e.g. (Bakota, 2007), and in the case of quotation the relevant page is also given, e.g. (Bakota, 2007:25). Citations by two authors take the form (Bilen and Kurtek, 1988). For citations with more than two authors the name of the first author plus ‘et al.’ is used (Ružić et al. 2002). Every reference must be contained in theliteraturelist.


Literature: at the end of the paper it is obliged to state the Literature that includes all the used sources and full citation details of the literature referred to in the references. The list of literature is written without a head number. Literature is consecutively numbered and ordered alphabetically and also chronologically if there is more than one work by the same author.


Literature is cited according to the examples for books, journals, and other sources:


Books: Author’s surname, Initials (Year of publication), Title, Place of publication: Publisher


Journals: Author’s surname, Initials (Year of publication) ”Title of the article”, Name of the journal where the article is published, Issue number, Volume, Page(s) from-to


Internet resources: Author’s surname, Initials (Year) ”Title of the article“, Name of the journal, Internet address (date of access)


Conference proceedings papers: Author’s surname, Initials (Year) “Title of the article”, In: Title of the conference proceedings, Place of publication: Publisher, Pages from-to


Official publications: Name of the publication/organization/institution (Year) Title, Place of publication: Publisher


Spacing: spacing within the text of the paper is allowed only after the particular units, sub-units etc. After that one line spacing must be left.


Tables, charts, and images must have number, name, and source of information above. They are consecutively numbered by Arabic numerals (tables, charts, and images respectively).