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Dear visitors,

College of Applied Sciences "Lavoslav Ružička" in Vukovar (VEVU) welcomes teaching and non-teaching staff from our partner institutions and invited guest lecturers from the international enterprises under Erasmus+ in its academic community.

The College is a small, modern European institution of higher education, which is a welcoming and supportive place to come to for all guest form abroad.

If you decide to come to our College in Vukovar, the city on the Danube, with a rich history and culture, we will do our best to enable you an enjoyable and intellectually fulfilling experience.

In order to undertake an Erasmus staff exchange at the College of Applied Sciences "Lavoslav Ružička" in Vukovar, there must be a current Bilateral Agreement between the departments of partner institutions. Contact your home institution International Office/Erasmus coordinator to discover if an agreement with this College exists in their subject area and if there is funding available for your visit.
If there is an Interinstitutional Agreement in place covering teaching and training staff exchange, the member of staff must agree with the Staff Mobility Agreement before coming to the College.
This will be arranged by contacting ECTS coordinator (for teaching mobility) and Erasmus coordinator for (training mobility) at VEVU.

Guest lecturers from the international enterprises come based on invitation letter from VEVU and selection by Erasmus Commission at VEVU.
Staff from enterprises interested in teaching at VEVU should contact ECTS coordinator at College of Applied Sciences Lavoslav Ružička in Vukovar to apply for arrival.

Accommodation information:

Contacts at VEVU:

ECTS coordinator of Department for Health Studies:
Slavica Janković, PhD, senior lecturer - slavica.jankovic@vevu.hr

ECTS coordinator of Business Department:
Željka Borzan, PhD., senior lecturer - zeljka.borzan@vevu.hr

ECTS coordinator of Administrative Department:
Ivan Belaj, LLM, senior lecturer - ibelaj@vevu.hr

Erasmus coordinator:
Karolina Novinc, Erasmus coordinator - karolina.novinc@vevu.hr

Mobility exchange is NOT possible during the summer and winter break.
Please check also the list of Croatian national bank holidays.


Specialist graduate professional study programme - Preventive Physiotherapy

The Professional Undergraduate Study
  - Administrative studies; Physiotherapy and Trade